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He also knew they'd hired that hot little babysitter again to watch the kids. He knew his older brother had taken his wife out for an evening of dinner and dancing. Knowing his 2 and 3 year old niece and nephew had an 8:00 bedtime, he finished off the beer and went into the house and called his brother's number.

She was jail bait, old mature nudes women but he was only 22 years old and didn't consider a 17 year-old girl to be off limits regardless of what the law said. "Can I ask who is calling? " returned the babysitter, not wanting to divulge to a stranger that she was there alone for the night. " he asked, knowing full well he wasn't. She answered on the third ring, "Hello?

" knowing full well it was. He sat there in his open garage just down the street from his brother's house, sipping a cold beer and remembering that the babysitter always wore a tight mini skirt that showed off her gorgeous long legs and sweet little ass. "This is his brother, Don. " "Well, shit", said Don, trying to sound disappointed, "I'm working on my car and need to borrow a tool.

I'm babysitting the kids tonight and your brother and Janet aren't here. They went out for the evening and won't be back until late. Her tone suddenly took on a decidedly more friendly quality. I'm sorry, I didn't recognize your voice! " "I can't say for sure, but I doubt if he would mind if you came over here and got it. It was dark when Don crossed the street and walked about a block to his brother's house.

" said Don, and he grinned as he hung up the phone. "Okay then, I'll be over in a few. I just got them to sleep. " Terry's voice trailed off with possibility. "I didn't want you to have to knock and disturb the kids. He mounted the steps nude mature women middle aged women and saw Terry was waiting at the door for him. Don had met Terry a couple of times previously, and he'd been careful not to be caught checking her out.

The last thing he wanted was for his little niece and nephew to wake up and find out he was there. And I don't mind either. She didn't talk or act like an immature teenager and she looked more mature women than her 17 years. She smiled a smile that hinted at mischief as she beckoned Don to follow her to the living room. Likewise, her body was tall and curvacious and she had a really nice set of tits he wanted to get hold of, and a old naked woman matching pair of long, perfect legs that went all the way up and made an ass of themselves.

He could tell they did because the mini she had on left little to the imagination. Her face had lost all of its childlike appearance and her lips were full and womanly. He returned the smile and replied, "No, I can't imagine. She lowered her eyes for a moment, as though she were thinking of how to say what was on her mind, and then looked up and met his eyes.

" He suddenly felt flush as the heat rose in him and he felt a familiar stirring between his legs as his cock began to awaken. He sat down milf pussy pics on the sofa first and she sat down close beside him and rested her hand on his knee. She smiled nervously and said, "Can you guess what I'm thinking? His flag rose to full-staff as she slid her hand up his leg and got a handful of his instantly hard cock through his bluejeans.

He slipped his hand down the front of her top and across the smooth skin of her tits until his fingers found a stiffened nipple hidden inside. " He was a little surprised, but wasted no time in pressing his mouth against her lips, slipping his tongue deep to explore her mouth. " She spoke in a seductive tone that was little more than a whisper, "I'm thinking of you and me in the bedroom.

Still tongue fucking her mouth, he slid his hand up under the mini skirt and began to massage her crotch and found that her panties were already damp and sticky with pussy juice. She squeezed and massaged it as she turned her body slightly to press her supple breasts against him. What do you say you just come right hot mature women out and tell me?

He took the nipple between his fingers and squeezed a bit and then withdrew his hand, instead focusing his attention on what she was also offering him between her slightly spread legs. " Don gave her a friendly smile as he entered, and quietly eased the door closed so as not to make any noise.

Things were heating up and they both knew the couch wasn't the place for the kind of fuck session that was building. She inhaled sharply and then exhaled with a low moan as she caught his tongue gently between her teeth. She wanted him to know he had full access to what he wanted. He sank his middle finger slowly and deeply into her musky heat. Don finally got his tongue free from Terry's hot mouth and pulled his finger from her snatch.

His fingers deftly pushed aside the thin material and he discovered just how wet her pussy was. He couldn't resist putting his hand up her skirt to cup against her soaking wet crotch and to feel her tight little ass cheeks on the way up. They rose from the couch and moved toward the carpeted stairs and up to the guest room.

Don stared hungrily at her nakedness and the sight made his cock throb. Finally inside the guest room they quickly began to get rid of their clothing, both eager to get much closer than fabric would allow. Terry led the way with Don close behind. He sucked the finger into his mouth, wanting to taste and smell her sweetness. Her back straightened and she spread her legs as far as the mini skirt would allow.

She was not a virgin and had enjoyed her share of meat, but she'd never seen a cock this big in real life before and wondered if she'd be able to take it all. Don looked down on Terry for a moment, mesmerized by the perfection and beauty of her young body.

It was big in girth as well as length. Terry's eyes were riveted on Don's cock. She sat up and grasped his cock in her hand and sucked the cum from the end of it. He felt like a starved animal and wanted to take her right then, but hesitated. He placed his hands on the back of her head and began to slowly fuck her mouth.

She took him as deeply as she could, relaxing her throat muscles to stifle her gag reflex. His enormous cock stood out from his body like a weapon ready for action, and a drop of cum was already seeping from the swollen head. Naked, Terry pulled the covers back and lay down on the bed with her legs apart, giving Don a full view of her charms.

Her hand moved over his saliva covered dick in a twisting motion as she took him in and out of her mouth and he felt his body begin to stiffen. There was only one place he wanted to shoot his load of hot mature women cum and that was inside her sweet pussy. His eyes rolled back in their sockets as he felt her trying to swallow the head of his dick.

She lay back on the bed again and even though Don wanted more than anything to be inside her, the taste of her on his finger hadn't been enough and he wanted to bury his face in her pussy first. She was beyond wet and he began to lap up her juice, spreading her lips wide apart with his thumbs. He continued to lick her slowly from top to bottom, tonguing her tight little asshole as he did.

He slid down between her creamy thighs and ran his tongue the full length of her slit. He could feel the pressure of his cum starting to build and pulled back from her. He alternated by sucking her lips and clit and she responded by squirming and writhing with pleasure.

She cupped his balls with her free hand, and took more of him into her mouth as she continued to masturbate him. He grasped his rock-hard, throbbing cock and rubbed it into her slit, easily finding her juicy hole and teasing her by slowly swirling the head around it. Then he slipped the big purple knob just inside and began fucking her in short slow strokes.

He lifted her ass from the bed with his hands and drove his tongue deep into her over and over, fucking her with his face. It was hot and tight and it wasn't likely he'd be able to fuck her very long before he blew his nuts. Terry was getting hotter by the moment and Don sensed it was time to fill her pussy with his hot meat. He was getting close to being all the way in her now and he couldn't wait to be buried all the way inside her and feel his balls on her ass cheeks.

He was gentle but persistent as he stuffed more and more cock inside her love tunnel and he could feel her squeeze his dick with her pussy as he withdrew. She began to relax, and as she moved her ass to meet him she spread her legs even further to accommodate the big dick. He was squeezing her tits while he fucked her, sucking on first one nipple and then the other.

Finally he was buried to the balls in her hot snatch. She knotted the sheets inside her clenched fists as she shoved her pussy up harder to meet his thrust. He wiped his face on the sheets and mounted her. As he continued his long, deep strokes she moaned and shoved still harder against him.

She leaned up further and took the head into her mouth, only pulling back enough to lick it as though it was her favorite flavor of ice cream. Then she began to slowly jerk him off, working her hand back and forth along the length of his shaft. She was wild with passion, coming over and over again, and trying to stifle the screams she would otherwise have uttered had they been in the house alone.

He then began to fuck her in earnest with long hard stokes, each accompanied by the slapping sound of of his pelvis hitting hers as his meat plunged deep inside her. He was going to fill her pussy. He raised himself onto his knees and grabbed her ass with both hands, raising her from the bed.

He began slamming his cock into her, pulling her ass toward him to meet each thrust. As he turned, he rolled off the bed just as the 12 gauge shotgun belched it's own load of fire and death. " Don was in the middle of a huge orgasm when he suddenly jerked his spurting cock out of Terry's pussy, shooting great streams of cum all over Terry's stomach and tits.

The bedroom door banged open violently and a very pissed off male voice behind Don roared, "You son of a bitch! The double ought load from the gun missed Don and tore through Terry's upper body, neck and face, killing her instantly where she lay on the bed. Don couldn't hold back any longer, his orgasm was electricity as the load of hot cum he'd been holding back began to shoot from his prick like a lightning bolt.

The man lowered the gun and sank to his knees inside the doorway, his head bowing under the weight of his sorrow. As the man began to sob uncontrollably, Don gathered his clothing from beside the bed and slipped out of the room. As he dialed the police, he could hear his niece and nephew crying from their room. From his place on the floor Don stole a look at the shooter, a middle aged man dressed in work clothes.

TwoGiantTesticles [1 comment] He still held the gun against his shoulder, fine twisted tendrils of smoke rising from the barrel. He could feel her heat as he pressed hard into her, rubbing against her swollen clit with his pubic hair and driving her crazy. She came in a violent rush and he thought he would too then, but he gained control and slowed his pace a bit.

A look of horror and grief was slowly dawning on his face as he began to realize what had just happened.

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