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After a few weeks of conversation about work, she told me she was visiting my city again next month and that we should meet up for dinner or drinks. After some job discussion, I had to move on but she gave me her business card and told me to find her on Linkedin. The first night in, we just met out in town at one of my favorite spots.

She was about 5'6 and my guess would be 115-120 lbs really in shape with a thigh gap. Background I went to a career fair awhile back and bouncing around from booth to booth, I ran into a beautiful redhead who was noticeably older than me, but still would drop jaws in any bar she walked into.

Just some light conversation and catching up. I'm a 6'2 swimmer in really good shape, so sometimes if I can't tell, I'll just hang back and give the female some time to make a move. I didn't want to assume anything and just figured she legit wanted to meet up to check in. I kept trying to read her for signs. She was dressed incredibly sexy, but in a classy way.

That night ended without incident, but she insisted we meet for drinks the next day. She had multiple rings on her left ring finger but I couldn't tell if one was a wedding/engagement ring. When I got to the hotel, we went straight to the bar and talked for about and hour and a half when I told her I'd have to go soon to charge my phone (forgot the night before, swear to God actually had to charge it).

We got nude mature women over 50 in the room and I plugged my phone in and when I went back to the door, she grabbed my hand and I wrapped her in a hug for a passionate kiss. She stopped making out with me with wide eyes said "Oh my God! " in her adorable yet barely detectable southern drawl.

She smiled at me right before we started to make out. We were pretty flirty on the hotel ride up, and I started to get a bit hopeful. She offered that I could mature nudes women photos use her charger in the room. We pulled our shirts off and I unfastened her pants as she dropped to her knees. I kissed her from behind and she broke the kiss saying "I don't think I can have sex with you, I'm married.

I unbuttoned my jeans and she ran her hand from my abs down to my cock. Do you really want me to stop? " And I replied with "Well then why did you turn your wedding ring inside out and conceal it? "Holy shit you're really big," she said as she grabbed my cock with both hands. She took as much as she could in her mouth as I slipped her bra straps off her shoulders and unhooked it.

She couldn't get very far down on my dick, and I wasn't there for just a blowjob so I stood her up, turned her around and pressed her against the wall. "I'm not even fully hard yet," I told her as I pushed her up against the wall and kissed her again. " and I pulled her panties to her ankles as I pushed my throbbing cock against her pussy and rolled a condom on. She moaned a quiet "No.

" I asked teasing her clit with my hand. "Cum in my mouth" She moaned while looking back at me. I held on as long as I could before I pulled out, spun her around and she fell to her knees. naked women over 60 As I picked up the pace it turned into one long moan and I felt her pussy quivering on my dick. We had long since broken the condom because I was being pretty rough with her.

I shoved my dick inside her as old women nude (check over here sexy old ladies ) far and I could and she gasped. I couldn't hold it any longer and my first rope hit her tits before she engulfed me in her mouth and sucked me dry. I recover pretty quickly and after the conversation I tried my best to look seductively at her and asked "Ready for round two?

Wide eyed she asks "Already? " and I showed my bulge through my boxers. Nothing too rough, just caressing her legs and tits while I glided in and out of her. We talked again for about 5 min and she couldn't believe how sore she was. I looked into her eyes as I pushed the head of my dick in right before thrusting deep inside her with everything I had. Then in one motion I flipped her over on her back and she gasped as I pushed her legs up against her chest and put my full body weight on her.

" followed by her legs shaking as I kept myself pressed inside her. I teased her for a couple seconds and she was soaking wet. Her body was spent and she collapsed onto the bed. She was cumming almost every thrust and her eyes were pretty much continually rolled back in her head. " I turned her around doggie style on the bed and slowly worked myself all the way inside here.

Her body started to go limp and I no longer had to hold her arms down. SHIT SHIT" old women nude I really slowly worked my way in and out of her getting a "Oh GOD" or sometimes just a yelp every time I was all the way inside. I started to slowly pull out, we're talking like 20 seconds, before I would pound back inside her and hold it again.

Finally I asked if she was okay. I fell down on the bed and she just laid there for 10 minutes quivering. I got dressed and as she finally stood up to walk me to the door she wobbled the entire way there. "Fuck I can't walk right. I told her I had to get up to work the next morning and had to get home.

" I went back the next night and we went three rounds. I don't know, I at least had a really good time. I watched as her body tried to get itself back to normal again. But on second thought kind of don't feel bad considering we got to a blowjob before she told me she was married. Not going to lie, I kind of feel bad. Did naked old woman not have as much volume as the first one but it was still respectable.

Her legs continued to quiver at every thrust and when I felt myself about to explode again I pulled out and came on her tits and stomach.

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