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nude older ladiesTrish sighed, annoyed, and took her friend by the hand, dragging her up the stairs, to her room. Warning: Pretty long set-up The bell rang and Mia answered. "You’re not ready yet? Trish walked in, wearing a tight, leather top and a leather skirt that drew attention to her already amazing ass. " Trisha shrieked, eying Mia’s rather…unimpressive clothes. "You’re not wearing that.

That is an outfit you wear to school. "What are you talking about…I’m ready? Fuck Dave…" – Trish, pulled out a low-cut shirt and some tight-fitting jeans. "Where are the outfits I bought you for your birthday? "Plus, I don’t think Dave likes it when I wear those. "What’s wrong with Dave.

" – Trish chastised Mia and started digging through her wardrobe. She was dressed entirely in black, with scarlet lipstick, which emphasized her luscious lips. " Trish said, frustrated, throwing Mia’s shirt away and unstrapping her bra. " – Mia spoke quietly, while Trish was unbuttoning her shirt, revealing her D-cups. "Just put this bra on.

" "Um…Trish come on…that’s not me. " Trish and Mia walked out on the porch, waiting for Dave to arrive. Mia kept fidgeting in her new outfit. It goes better with the shirt. She wore the same scarlet lipstick Trish wore and a deep shade of black eye-liner. "I’m not used to wearing such revealing clothes. " – Mia smiled, anxiously.

" "Oh stop complaining. "This is so awkward …" – Mia complained. " - Mia struggled, giggling. She wasn’t used nude mature woman to wearing such a low-cut cleavage. " – Dave said, his gaze wondering to Mia’s tits. " –Trish said, grabbing Mia’s tits from behind and teasingly pulling on them.

" - Mia said, almost apologetically. "I can change if…" Trish cut in, interrupting her friend before she could finish the sentence. "Come on…Let’s go! While the two girls were playing, a car pulled up in front of the house and an average looking guy, walked out. "OK…But you gotta promise to at least attempt and be friendly with Dave.

"Come on babe…Let’s go! "Look at these melons. " The Night Club was jam packed with loose girls and horny dudes. Mia wasn’t like that. These were the sorts of places Trish hung out at. She enjoyed having someone whose shoulder she could lean on. She was rather…promiscuous, when it came to her sexuality.

Trish walked to their table, carrying three drinks. " "I don’t know…" "Oh come on Mia…Just this one time…For me…" Mia sighed and strapped on the bra her friend gave her. The three friends finished their L. The night went great, for the first hour at least.

s and the party began. If I had these, I’d never stop wearing cleavage. She liked to have a relationship before having sex. Trish danced with atleast three different guys. " – Dave, attempted to hide his disdain for the low-cut, to no avail. That’s how it was with Mark and that’s how it is with Dave now. " Dave said, scoffing.

I don’t like it when other guys ogle your tits. "Jesus…That girl would fuck just about anyone! " Mia, look down, disappointed. "Hey guys, this is Darren…" – Trish said, obviously wasted. Like that pervert over there. I didn’t mean to make you mad. Mia felt uncomfortable for a second, and used her hands to cover up her tits.

"We’re gonna step out a bit…" she winked at Mia and took Darren out of the club. It all took a different turn when Trish came back to the table, dragging a big, chiseled, black guy behind her. " Mia screamed, trying to follow after him, but he was already lost in the crowd. " He stood up and walked away, furious.

Dave averted his head. She ended up alone in the middle of the crowd. " Somebody, took her by the shoulder and pulled her towards a table. " She said leaning in for a kiss. I mean…look at what she forced you to wear.

" "Umm…Mia…" Mia shook his hand, feeling rather awkward. She tried pushing through a group of free nude mature women mature women guys, but they were so drunk and entranced, they barely noticed her. " Jordan said, gesturing to a waitress. " Dave screamed pointing at a person sitting by the bar, staring at Mia’s tits.

"Yeah well…Forget it. " Jordan smiled, and ordered a naked women over 60 drink for his new friend. " Mia said, trying to be nice. The one who had been staring at her tits. "Can I buy you a drink? I don’t usually get this wasted. He placed his hands on her shoulders.

It was the guy from the bar. "Well…um…I’m here with someone. She was enjoying the massage and she needed a bit of relaxation after Dave’s reaction. She didn’t mind that a complete stranger was doing the massaging. " Jordan smiled back, moving a bit closer to the girl. Just a friendly gesture. " Mia said, in a drunken stupor.

Mia moaned, still drunk, enjoying the rest and relaxation. " Mia smiled, rocking back and forth in her chair. Jordan’s hands were moving down her back and massaging her lower back. Jordan grabbed her tits, squeezing them hard. He gently moved towards her stomach and massaged her belly. A few minutes later, the drink had arrived and Mia and Jordan downed 3 shots of tequila.

The loud music covered up her voice. " Jordan answered, calmly. " – Mia screamed at Jordan. The girl had tears flowing down her eyes. "I’m just having some fun sexy. "Relax" he whispered in her ear, and started gently massaging her shoulders. She pushed the man’s arms off of her and moved away. She found herself against a wall, next to a closet. Suddenly, something pressed against her mouth and she was shoved inside the closet.

" Mia jumped off the chair and walked away, barely able to walk, due to the alcohol in her system. Until Jordan’s hands found their way to her tits. She never should have let it go that far. "Oh wow…Look at this. "What the hell are you doing? Jordan walked in and closed the door, locking it behind milfs over 40 him. " Mia screamed, trying to stand up, but the man kicked her back on the ground.

"I’m gonna fuck you…" Jordan smiled, and pushed himself on top of her, restraining her limbs. " – He sneered, and lowered his head, biting down on her nipple. Your nipples are already this erect. Mia let out a cry, tears flowed down her face. She hated it, but she had nowhere else to go.

" Jordan looked her, straight in the eye and started laughing. She tried struggling, pushing him off, but to no avail. "I’ll just leave, nobody will know. He ripped Mia’s shirt off, revealing her large breasts and pulled off her bra, to reveal her erect nipples. I can do whatever I want with you. "And I want to fuck you blind. "Bitch I have you…You’re mine.

"Please…Please let me go…I won’t tell…I swear" Mia started begging. Dave’s was…respectable…but this. " The man took his clothes off and stood completely naked women over 60 in front of his pray. "Open your sweet mouth you little whore. " He grabbed her hands and pushed them behind her back, tying her up. Mia had never seen a dick so big.

This was…well amazing. What would she say to Dave? Jordan pried her lips open and slid his dick inside. And it wasn’t even fully in yet. " Mia struggled, trying to pry herself free, tears flowing down her eyes. " Jordan ordered and pressed his dick against Mia’s lips. The dick had gone deeper, than Dave’s ever could. "You like that you little bitch?

The man was completely in control. " Jordan screamed and shoved his dick deeper, fucking Mia’s throat, rough and fast. His dick pummeled her throat. She tried to stop him, but she was tied up and forced on the floor. "Y…You had your fun…" – Mia pleaded again.

She refused to open her mouth, at first. " she attempted to say. " "Are you kidding me? " He revealed his dick again, fully erect, seemingly even larger than last time. " Jordan asked, quietly. " Jordan smiled, gently pressing his tip against Mia’s pussy, as her screams and wails fell on deaf ears.

" Jordan asked, smiling and fondling Mia’s hair. "I’ve just begun to have fun. Jordan smirked, as his cock released a thick load of semen straight down Mia’s throat, forcing her to swallow it all. And he had decided that this woman belongs to him now. But Jordan was too strong. "Please…let me go now! He pressed his dick inside her pussy, hard and fast and all the way.

Dave was limp compare to this. She had never experienced a cock so hard and big. She didn’t want Jordan to go this far. He pushed her down on the floor again and forced her jeans off, revealing her sweet pussy. You like this don’t you? She didn’t want to give herself to anyone but Dave.

He thrust as hard as he could, making Mia scream. It’s like…she couldn’t control herself. She covered her face, ashamed of herself, as Jordan laughed and taunted her. She wanted more of Jordan’s cock. A sensation crawled up her entire body. A lust she thought she didn’t have.

" He thrust harder, pulling on Mia’s nipples as he fucked her pussy. Something inside her woke up. Mia’s screams went from cries of terror to moans of pleasure. She let out a loud moan as Jordan released a thick load of semen straight inside her womb. That somehow made it even hotter for Mia.

A sensation she had only felt once…with Mark (her ex-boyfriend). She was a complete slut. Jordan stood up and untied her hands. " Jordan left the closet, laughing, leaving Mia covered in cum. She never felt like this before. I can’t wait to violate you.

You love getting fucked by a stranger. She was about to have an orgasm. Her pussy got wet, her entire body experienced immense pleasure. "I’m leaving now…You’ll have some time to put that bra on and leave…Don’t bother with the shirt…I ripped it up. Mia stood up and picked up her bra, trying to strap it on again. She looked at a mirror and saw a completely different person.

She was disgusted by what she saw.

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